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We have developed a new English course for Medical University Entrance Exams to meet the needs of our students.

Medical University
Entrance Exam

We have University entrance exam preparation courses for high school students and for high school graduates. In these courses, you can aim to pass the desired school with a course that suits your aspirations and academic ability. We will utilize the curriculum support specialized in the University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, and the Faculty of Medicine to help you achieve your goals. Our instructors will analyze and provide learning advice on secondary and individual exams for all Major, National, Public and Private Universities.


Students will develop English grammar and long reading comprehension skills through instruction, customized for them, and for each university and faculties. If you are worried about not being able to improve your grades, or do not know how to study English, even if you have taken  group lessons at a high-level prep school, please take the first 60 minutes free trial lesson. All classes are one-on-one! It is an environment where you can receive great instruction and you can ask questions to native speakers at the same time.

Lesson fee (4 lessons per month for 90 minutes × one-on-one)

During the discount campaign until the end of June!! 

University Examination Course

per month

Faculty of Nursing Course

per month

Faculty of Medicine Course

per month

Optional Courses (may be added to the above course)

Listening Measures Course: +¥1000/30 min / times
Native Correction Course: +¥3000/ month
Native long-sentence speed reading system: +¥5000/ month

The above includes a copy fee (print out material) required for the course, and a separate teaching material fee is required, for reference books, but it will not be expensive. 

Admission fee ¥30,000 

Why Choose Us

Also providing various entrance exam measures such as the new Common test measures, University-specific learning measures, essays, and comprehensive problem measures.

We will do our best to support you with by making use of our abundant knowledge and experience!

Head Instructor of Ishin Juku

Makiko - 真貴子

Hi, my name is Makiko. I graduated from Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, the Department of English and American Studies, Faculty of Foreign Studies, with a high school English teacher's license, mainly majoring in English education, Anglo-American literature, and translation. Since then I have been teaching English, for more than 20 years, and I also have experience teaching entrance examinations at Kawai Juku.

English is the subject that decides the game for the university entrance examination. The key is how to improve your English skills efficiently in a limited time within a time limit. How can a non-bilingual Japanese improve their English skills? The fact is, it is important to take advantage of the commonalities between Japanese and English to learn English. I hope I can help you with leadership like no other. In addition to medical school, we also support nursing and regular examination courses. Please contact us.

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